Photo Print Media

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LustRE Finish

Lustre photo paper is a hybrid of glossy and matte prints. This finish provides the benefits of both styles. It delivers bright colors, yet, it is not as shiny as glossy paper which is why it is preferred especially when framing the image under glass. The finish is closer to a matte finish that does not reflect light and is a great choice for producing vivid colors, sharp details, and rich color saturation. It is also known to produce stunning black and white images. It delivers deep blacks and smooth tones.

Lustre paper also comes with a slight texture that resists fingerprints and gives a professional look to the photographs. So this paper is perfect for wedding and school photos but is commonly used for a wide range of images.

High Gloss Finish

Glossy prints are photos printed on matte paper with a shiny, extra layer. They have a natural shimmer and reflect as much light as possible.

Glossy photos are one of the most popular print finishes. It is one you usually get when you print your family photos. The glossy paper makes colors look vivid. It accentuates the image contrast, making whites and blacks look more intense.

This reflective photo finish allows you to show image details with high clarity. This paper it a good choice for photo albums. They are not suited to be framed under glass as they can produce an oily spot look when it comes in contact with the glass.

Fine Art Paper:

Fine Art Paper has a light, watercolor texture and delicate feel and . Your image is printed on this matte paper with a large inkjet printer, creating a stunning Giclee print that will last for years to come.

The combination of cotton fibers, special surface textures and an extensive range of premium inkjet coatings guarantees extraordinary print results with bright colours, deep blacks, excellent contrast, outstanding reproduction of detail and striking depth. With a resistance to ageing of more than 100 years, this paper is perfect for Fine Art applications such as Fine Art prints, special editions, long-term exhibitions and art collections.