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Rights grants to Users of this website for specific photos:

Event Photos: The user has the right to view, purchase and share to Social Media the photos on the website. You are not granted the right to download, copy in any way including creating screenshots or print the image in any way.

If a physical print has been purchased, the only license granted through the purchase of a print is for the display of the supplied print. Scanning, copying, photographing, or any other form of reproduction or distribution of prints is prohibited unless written authorization is provided.

Client Photos/Portraits: Accessed through “Client Access” pages.

These images are intended as Proofs Only and are uploaded to the website without final edits being completed. These images are for deciding final prints for ordering. Printed Proofs are available at an additional charge.

The user has the right to view, create “Favorites”, share those “Favorites” with others including the Photographer. Sharing individual images to Social Media is also not allowed (final edited images will be provided for this purpose). These images MAY NOT be downloaded, copied in any way including creating screenshots, or printed.

On occasion, the client may be granted the right to download the files. Granting you the right to download the files for a specific use does not grant you the right to use the image to create photographic images or products including collages, greeting cards, or invitations. Additionally, you are not granted the right to print these files in any way unless you are specifically granted permission in writing from Ambient Light Studios/Robert Noyes Photography.

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